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Sunset from weeks ago (ii)

My cousin flew all the way from Samar and visited us for a night. It was the first time we saw her because she was still in her mother’s womb when we left home. She left this afternoon and everyone in the house misses her dearly. I miss home, too.

These are photos from months ago, which actually show how long I have been quite away from tumblr. I miss the old days.

Streets, strangers.

Windows and shadows.

These photographs, I have almost forgotten, were taken on a hot October day. Now I’m thinking about being outside, with the sun and the noisy cars in the streets, children walking barefoot, leaves scattered on the ground, people rushing. Life is more than the comfort a pillow and a blanket gives me.

Fort Santiago

Hello, I haven’t written anything sensible here for a long time now. I changed my theme and made the photos look smaller. Also, I realized I’ve only been posting photos and photos and lots of them without even saying something about them which is so not me. Someone reminded me about the old me (hi, you know who you are) and that’s when it hit me. Maybe I’ve been letting school eat me in the past months, like waking up early to prepare, studying at the library, attending my classes half-asleep, half-paranoid, spending time with friends, leaving school late, going home tired and sleepy, forgetting to eat for dinner, and dozing off. Every day is almost the same- enduring the bittersweet life accounting gives me. Maybe I got lost in the middle of my way and inspiration has been taken away from me while I was unconscious, which only made things worse, only to find out that there are tons of them right in front of me. Or maybe I just wanted to take some rest from all the fuss and the confusion around the web and spend more time sitting on a green grass under a calm sky. Thankfully, sembreak happened, and that was when I took Tim to places again. There were days when I wanted to leave the house and skip mom just to catch the sunset. There were nights when I wanted to take photos of the stars and the moon, only to realize that I still have so much to learn about taking photos at night. Basically, those days and nights went together the way I wanted them to; those days and nights were when I first felt like I had all the time in the world to waste on things, places, and people I love. But the time spent on anything that you love isn’t a waste, is it? Which is why I just incredibly had the best sembreak in my three years in college. Flying free as a little bird, growing into a better young girl each day. Life is way better when spent outside.

I spoke too much but really, I just wanted to point out that you need to remind people sometimes, because oftentimes, they forget. I’ve had lots of realizations lately, and there are some things in me that I’d like to change, and of course there are some that I’d like to bring back. Well, we’ll see.

PS. I miss the beach. The photos above were taken on a sunny morning, almost a month ago. I woke up earlier than I did in the city with my own feet dragging me to the salty waters. I was jumping for joy when I saw this beauty in Pangasinan. I’ve been wanting to see the calmness that’s in the seas for a very long time now. Everything was so light and just so beautiful.

I was surprised to see a river in the place. There was pure, fresh air around me and I embraced it as if I could.